Timeline overview


Here you will find the current overview of our concept:

nov 19 – IT setup and visit destination
We are working hard on our website and hope to present you soon the perfect online version of our company. Leon flies to Tenerife on 15 November and will meet suburban real estate providers to make the tocowo objects available for 02.2020.

dec 19 – contractual partnerships
With your support, we can soon sign the first contracts for the right property. If we have a lot registered users we have in our free register pool, the sooner and easier we are the partnership with the real estate providers.

jan 20 – organize license
Once we have found the right property and have signed the contracts for the tolerant coworking concept, we can make the official part with the goverment and can use this website to present the object to you in detail with text information, pictures and videos.

feb 20 – preparing spaces

mar 20 – start with first hub