Cowork holidays


Cowork holidays

How can this work if all these less productive recreational options cost so much working time between 9 and 5? How can a timeline and deadlines be met if the employee is not sitting at the desk to implement required?

People who enjoy their work can also work one night, or get up at 4:00 in the morning, or start the project after dinner. It’s all about productivity in our life and it only increases when people really like to work, when they want it, and how.

Especially in the IT and media industry, there are occupational groups that just do not fit in an office anymore. If the employee or freelancer is satisfied, he can work more purposefully and is in a good balance, away from stress or pressure.

Coworker vacation, does that make sense?

With fun, freedom, and the right space, the worker grows beyond himself, thinking about the edge, and is always online when communicating with the team. Thus, a rethink, at least for the good and sought-after workers among us is necessary, more life and doing work when it fits. But that’s just the right sign on the job market, where the real professionals are squeezed short and the level of wages is no longer crucial.

The answer in the HR department for the next search for a good workforce in the IT and Media brache is to offer the employee at least one weekly or better monthly stay in one of the first tocowo areas as a goodie. Thus, the life on holiday and work is offered to him relaxed and informal, so that the best of the manpower is to draw. It goes without saying that the customer or employer needs a healthy dose of trust to give a colleague a holiday so that he acts as it should.

Working properly for 8 hours in the office!

But let’s face it, the average productivity is less than half the time, so the window of opportunity between vacation, work , and life can be redesigned. It is important if the employee has provided his services. But vacation in the tocowo property also means visiting special coaching programs or seminars of experts from the digital technologies, science and future-oriented economy from the information age of data.

So we wait, which HR-departments and freelancers are the first to treat themselves to this new experience.

Time for changing of the word “working”

Be creative from 9to5, be fantastic and fast on your 2qm desk. Read between the lines and follow the new company rules when the phone is ringing and the mails drops in. Don’t stress your self the daily administral noises do it for you.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.

― Barack Obama

And when you are sitting in the hugh conference room far away from your leader and he didn’t understand you, than it’s time to think about better and much more healthy options of working strategies.

“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them. (So let’s work the employes where they want.)

― Robert Frost

Why not combinatic the holiday with working day, the exclusive possibility to reset and relax. Good vibes, nature and a lot space with other free people with focus on doing and being.

The best communication manager reduces the information in his team to a minimum, that only the important and current facts have enough space to realize the project correctly. The time is over, having to sit in the same room to work together perfectly as a team. In times of Skype sessions and whatzup workgroups, nobody has to be side by side anymore. The most managers are aiming for a fast and structured video chat session directly from the desktop rather than taking long ways into the conference room. Time is money and the luxury of approach hours in a week, only for the way to reach the next meeting point, is wasting of productivity.

Two years ago wrote Larry Alton already in Under 30 a part of Forbes Why Millennials Love Shared Office Spaces about the lifestyle of the new generation of workers. He cover changes to the American workplace and with our tocowo concept we want to give one more possibility to the onliner and keyboarder.

Why More Millennials Are Flocking to Shared Office Spaces

The future was yesterday, we still need the inovated possibilities to work much more efficient and get a better life. Instead following the broken and boring business rules, is a renew of cowokring options to realise, a working possebility, which has already good feedback from existing projects arround the world. Digital revolution means not to ask for attention.

“Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them. We all could.

― Charles J. Sykes,

Also in the video of McKinsey Global Institute two years ago is the topic The digital future of work: What will automation change?

So please support us with your interest and free registration to realize our concept of holy working spaces quicker.

What makes the idea behind tocowo so special

Me, one of the first souls behind tocowo, has a lot of colleagues who love their job, but the way to work or the dreary offices themselves ultimately make the job worse and less satisfying. Many just go on and see the finacial advantage more in the foreground than the fun of the matter.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


What Confucius 500 BC did not know was the mass of people who are almost everyday sitting in front of displays, experiencing their everyday lives in drab rooms. Works in narrow closed offices with artificial light that does not provide a breathing opportunity. Unbelievable and unimaginable for a man who lived in a huge Chinese temple of the Zhou dynasty.

Tocowo is a place that is more reminiscent of a vacation than a work unit. And that is precisely what makes our concept so attractive that the employer gives the hired more trust and lets decide themself, how much time needs for the required productivity and the path to it.

tocowo gift voucher

In other words, good bosses and smart HR departments support this coworking option, for example, as a coupon with a weekly or even a monthly reward for the best employee or project group. Benefit with tax reducable options, a trustworthy and respectable gift for the team, to let the employee to determine the balance between life and work during the visit itself.

For freelancer is this option easier to realize, make a present yourself. Book your cheap hotel room in the neighborhood and come to work in your luxery tocowo office space.

How tolerant

We would like to invite all digital developers, copywriters, planners and designers to register for free in our prospective pool.

Our workplaces are so cozy that those present need less free time to recover from work. The coworking spaces of tocowo have such a high recreational factor that even on the weekend the “offices” could be rented. Due to the maximum occupancy of our tocowo hubs, working with plenty of peace and open spaces will always be guaranteed.

We are still in the process of building our life project and need your support by going ahead in advance, without any obligations. Only when we have finished our Profolio of the available houses and real estate in the end of this year, you can become a real member depending on your interest and rent your workplace in one of our coworking hubs and work soon.

Help us to realize the best option for life work balance and register for free here: Be a tocowo

Hello coworking world

Welcome, we proud to present you the new concept “tolerant coworking spaces” for a better and chilling working with more productivity under the sun.

Tocowo means tolerant workign conditions for open minded freelancing and employment coworker. Our luxery cowkorking spaces in europe are aimed at exclusive properties for a maximum of 12 people and only to book as a verified tocowo member.

Therefore we open now the login pool that you can registarte and join for more informations’s about our new idea wich will start in spring 2020.