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Leon has nearly 20 years of IT and media experience, from creating multimedia applications such as websites, eshops, product planning, designs, to film and audio projects.

In the area of ​​online marketing, he has many concepts of its customers online, which are among the top 20 in Google and by over 100,000 hits in the TOP5 of three languages.

Due to its multiple uses of design, development, online marketing, SEO or image research, as well as process and project management, its training content is never theoretical and boring, but to understand well based on realistic implementations and content is very easy and variable.

Leon has most recently spent 5 years working for one of the largest IT providers in Germany in outsourcing management with control and training of the EU Design Service departments for Web & Logo, as well as SEO, SEM and gives with conviction and passion his wide knowledge to the next inquisitive generation.

Training programs of Leon

Topic internet & research training
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SEO, SEF, SEA & SEM Training
tocowo ci & Branding training
CI & branding training
Exclusive individual training