What makes the idea behind tocowo so special

Me, one of the first souls behind tocowo, has a lot of colleagues who love their job, but the way to work or the dreary offices themselves ultimately make the job worse and less satisfying. Many just go on and see the finacial advantage more in the foreground than the fun of the matter.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


What Confucius 500 BC did not know was the mass of people who are almost everyday sitting in front of displays, experiencing their everyday lives in drab rooms. Works in narrow closed offices with artificial light that does not provide a breathing opportunity. Unbelievable and unimaginable for a man who lived in a huge Chinese temple of the Zhou dynasty.

Tocowo is a place that is more reminiscent of a vacation than a work unit. And that is precisely what makes our concept so attractive that the employer gives the hired more trust and lets decide themself, how much time needs for the required productivity and the path to it.

tocowo gift voucher

In other words, good bosses and smart HR departments support this coworking option, for example, as a coupon with a weekly or even a monthly reward for the best employee or project group. Benefit with tax reducable options, a trustworthy and respectable gift for the team, to let the employee to determine the balance between life and work during the visit itself.

For freelancer is this option easier to realize, make a present yourself. Book your cheap hotel room in the neighborhood and come to work in your luxery tocowo office space.