Our target group

For many good employees, a flexible work model is more important than a higher salary.

More emphasis is placed on private activities such as sports, yoga, wellness or other leisure activities during the actual working hours, instead of acting as usual in defined structures. For this, the staff with a higher willingness to do good and special.

I like tocowo, this offers me the best solution for good ideas and my creative flow.


Design & CI

Tocowo closes the gap between exceptional work strategy and high productivity.

hub bros

IT Develop

Especially in jobs such as designers, developers, onliners and writer a permanent presence in the company is no longer necessary. The modern workplace is desktop work while standing, sitting or comfortably couchant and outdoors. With this concept, we offer a greater sense of life at work, rather than conservative and outdated working methods.

The importance of the working environment is still underestimated, as office space is often sterile, gray and drab. No place where you feel comfortable and where we do not feel well, we want to get away quickly. As a tocowo member, you can escape everyday life and still be productive for the company.

You can’t be genius if you sitting with  others in a normal environment. Change this now!



Clients need it fast and unique and in a extraordinary style. I deliver, but on my own way.



We offer not conventional but charming places for single freelancers or groups of max. 12 people for workplaces with beautiful ambient, special view and enough space for yourself. With simple things like fresh air, silence, good view, a bit of nature and enough technical dose makes the coworking concept for all like, freelancer, project groups, companies much more sence.

Yeah, it’s amazing here, I did my yoga and after that refreshment I go back to my screen.


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