This coworking  space  is still under negotiation and if all goes well we have from 02.2020 our first tocowo domicile.

This Villa Victoria has been named 1971 after the victorious warrior and is located on the Canary Islands on the northwest side of Tenerife in Santa Ursula. This tolerant coworking object has enough open space and captivates by the magnificent view from 300 meters of altitude on the Atlantic.

Extra spaces for peaceful working in free areas.

Spaces for 3 person with table, chair and more.​

The whole real estate is for you, max. 12 person.​

Impression of Villa Victoria

Preferences & Map


+ Panoramaview
+ Terrace & garden
+ Pool & Spa
+ Parking spaces
+ close to Maintown
+ Using free areas

+ Hugh smoking area
+ Fullservice by App

Include services:

+ High speed Internet
+ WIFI 3/4 G
+ Electricity
+ Water, Tea & Fruits
+ Using livingroom
+ Using terrace
+ Using pool
+ Using garden
+ Using kitchen
+ Using bathrooms
+ Using sauna

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